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Cochlear Baha Connect System


Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB

Hearing aid, bone conduction

The Cochlear Baha Connect System is a bone conduction implant system. The system includes an osseointegrated titanium implant and a titanium abutment that protrudes through the skin. A Baha sound processor is worn on the head (see figure). Cochlear Baha implants offer patients a high level of MRI compatibility. These guidelines are intended for radiologists performing MRI scans on a patient with the Cochlear Baha Connect System. Please read this information carefully. For more information, contact Cochlear. As long as the Baha sound processor (see figure) is removed for the MRI procedure, a patient fitted with the Baha system may be exposed to an MRI examination. When undergoing an MRI, the following conditions apply. Non-clinical testing has demonstrated that the Implant and Abutment [BI300, BIA400 & BIA300] is MR Conditional at 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla. It can be scanned safely under the following conditions. Scanning under other conditions may result in severe patient injury or device malfunction.